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78-87 El Camino Parts
Turn Signal

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78-88 Turn Signal Switch (in steering column)

1978-1988 turn signal switch in steering column with column shift.
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DM00138   COLSHIFTDM00138   COLSHIFTspace

Part #DM00138 COLSHIFT

Price: $42.95

82-83 OEM Black Turn Signal, Cruise, Washer Lever

1982-1983 Monte Carlo, Malibu, & El Camino OEM black turn signal, cruise, windsh...
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DM00465   NOPULSEDM00465   NOPULSEspace

Part #DM00465 NOPULSE

Price: $179.95

84-88 Turn Signal Lever (w/ cruise & pulse)

1984-1988 Monte Carlo & El Camino turn signal, cruise, windshield washer with pu...
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DM00020   CHROMEDM00020   CHROMEspace

Part #DM00020 CHROME

Price: $34.95

86-88 OEM Turn Signal Lever (w/o cruise, w/o pulse)

1986-1988 Monte Carlo & El Camino black OEM turn signal, headlight dim lever, wi...
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Part #DM00461

Price: $74.95

69-88 Turn Signal Cancel Cam

1969-1988 replacement turn signal cancel cam for cars equipped with a tilt steer...
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DM00131   TILTDM00131   TILTspace

Part #DM00131 TILT

Price: $11.95

82-88 Turn Signal Lever (w/o cruise, w pulse)

1982-1988 Monte Carlo & El Camino chrome turn signal lever for cars equipped wit...
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Part #DM00463

Price: $29.95