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78-87 El Camino Parts
New Products

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Rust Trap Coating w/ Prep-All

Rust Trap is a high gloss, moisture cured, urethane coating for restoring and pr...
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Part #DM94320

Price: $94.95

78-88 1-Speaker Lower Door Panel Set

Want more sound without cutting or drilling on your classic vehicle? These black...
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DM03040   BLACKDM03040   BLACKspace

Part #DM03040 BLACK

Price: $199.95

78-88 Emergency Brake Release

1978-1988 reproduction emergency brake realease assembly. Made to original specs...
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Part #DM93010

Price: $39.95

78-88 Front Bucket Seatbelt Sleeves (pair)

1978-1988 Monte Carlo, Malibu & El Camino black front seatbelt inner sleeves. Th...
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DM01220   BLACKDM01220   BLACKspace

Part #DM01220 BLACK

Price: $19.95

78-88 Lower Interior Door Panel Seals

1978-1988 Monte Carlo reproduction lower door panel seals (pair). These seals fi...
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Part #DM60017

Price: $49.95

78-88 GNX Style Body Bushing (pair)

1978-1988 Monte Carlo, Malibu and El Camino GNX style body bushings. These rubbe...
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Part #DM94217

Price: $19.95

78-88 Instrument Cluster Lamp Socket

78-88 Instrument Cluster Lamp Socket fits on the back of the speedo gauge cluste...
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Part #DM00018

Price: $3.25

80-88 Headlight Retainer (for 4 headlight cars)

1980-1988 Monte Carlo and 1982-1987 El Camino & Malibu front headlight retainer....
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DM10190   BLACKDM10190   BLACKspace

Part #DM10190 BLACK

Price: $16.95

78-88 Headlight Retainer Screw Set (16)

Replace your rusted or broken headlight retainer screws with this new set of 16...
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DM10191   PLAINDM10191   PLAINspace

Part #DM10191 PLAIN

Price: $3.95

83-88 Automatic Floor Shifter Inner Plastic Rod

1983-1988 Monte Carlo, El Camino, & Malibu automatic floor shifter inner plastic...
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Part #DM00246

Price: $9.95

82-88 Headrest Post Cover Plates (pair)

1982-1988 headrest post cover plates (pair). These are the plastic trim pieces a...
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DM01195   BLACKDM01195   BLACKspace

Part #DM01195 BLACK

Price: $9.95

78-88 Outer Seat Belt Sleeves (pair, bucket seats)

1978-1988 Bucket seat outer belt sleeves (pair). These are the plastic trim piec...
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DM01198   BLACKDM01198   BLACKspace

Part #DM01198 BLACK

Price: $19.95

78-88 Inner Seatbelt Access Plug

1978-1988 seatbelt sleeve plug. This plastic plug covers the bolt that attaches...
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DM01196   SINGLEDM01196   SINGLEspace

Part #DM01196 SINGLE

Price: $2.49

78-88 Interior Screw/Fastener kit

1978-1987 El Camino complete interior fastener kit. 152 total pieces of hardware...
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Part #DM00123

Price: $39.95

78-81 Metal Headlight/Wiper Switch Bracket

This 1978-1981 Monte Carlo, Malibu & El Camino headlight & wiper switch bracket...
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Part #DM00037

Price: $18.95

78-88 Coolant Overflow Hose kit w/ Clamps

1978-1988 Monte Carlo, El Camino, & Malibu coolant overflow hose kit. Kit includ...
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Part #DM90018

Price: $8.95

78-87 Tailgate Seal Kit (7pcs)

1978-1987 El Camino tailgate seal kit. Kit includes: Lower tailgate seal, 2) sid...
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Part #DM60340

Price: $69.95

78-88 Black Powder Coated "Body by Fisher" Sill Plates (pr)

1978-1988 Monte Carlo, El Camino, & Malibu black powder coated "Body by Fisher"...
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Part #DM00009

Price: $159.95

78-88 Windshield Washer Bottle

1978-1988 Monte Carlo, El Camino, & Malibu windshield washer bottle. Includes ne...
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DM90318   NOCAPDM90318   NOCAPspace

Part #DM90318 NOCAP

Price: $27.95

78-88 Coolant Overflow Bottle

1978-1988 Monte Carlo, El Camino, & Malibu coolant overflow bottle without cap....
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DM90316   NOCAPDM90316   NOCAPspace

Part #DM90316 NOCAP

Price: $29.95

78-88 Coolant Overflow & Windshield Washer Bottle Set

1978-1988 Monte Carlo, El Camino, & Malibu coolant overflow and windshield washe...
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DM90317   NOCAPDM90317   NOCAPspace

Part #DM90317 NOCAP

Price: $59.95

78-88 Seatbelt Release Block Off Plate Kit

Replace your broken or unwanted seatbelt release mechanisms and clean up your do...
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DM01230   NATURALDM01230   NATURALspace

Part #DM01230 NATURAL

Price: $16.95

78-87 Door Molding End Clip

1978-1987 El Camino reproduction two-tone door molding end clip. 1 required per...
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Part #DM30358

Price: $4.95

85-87 El Camino 4.3L FI Fuel Sending Unit

1985-1987 El Camino reproduction fuel injection 3 outlet gas tank gauge sending...
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Part #DM90219

Price: $124.95

78-87 Grille & Headlight Bezel Hardware Kit

1978-1979 El Camino & Malibu grille hardware kit. Includes everything needed to...
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DM10565   7879DM10565   7879space

Part #DM10565 7879

Price: $15.95