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78-87 El Camino Parts
Tailgate & Bed Components

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78-87 Steel Tailgate

1978-1987 El Camino reproduction steel tailgate. (SHEET METAL DISCLAIMER: No two...
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Part #DM21160

Price: $499.95

78-87 Rubber Bed Mat Bed Protector

This 1978-1987 El Camino rubber bed mat bed protector is made out of very thick...
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Part #DM92024

Price: $174.95

78-87 Tag Pocket

1978-1987 El Camino & Malibu wagon reproduction tag pocket (painted black in the...
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DM20120   PAINTDM20120   PAINTspace

Part #DM20120 PAINT

Price: $79.95

78-87 El Camino & Malibu Wagon License Plate Lamp

1978-1987 El Camino & Malibu wagon license plate lamp w/ gasket. This part fits...
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Part #DM21998

Price: $41.95

78-87 Front Bed Panel Under Rear Window

1978-1987 El Camino reproduction front bed panel under rear window. (SHEET METAL...
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Part #DM21161

Price: $209.95

78-87 Inner Upper Bed Panel

1978-1987 El Camino driver's side inner upper bed panel.
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DM20280   LHDM20280   LHspace

Part #DM20280 LH

Price: $59.95

78-87 Inner Bed Panel

1978-1987 El Camino driver's side complete inner bed panel. (SHEET METAL DISCLAI...
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DM20278   LHDM20278   LHspace

Part #DM20278 LH

Price: $355.95

78-87 Full Length Half Bed Floor

1978-1987 El Camino driver's side full length inner bed floor panel. (SHEET META...
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DM21164   LHDM21164   LHspace

Part #DM21164 LH

Price: $114.95

78-87 Complete Bed Floor

1978-1987 El Camino reproduction complete bed floor. (SHEET METAL DISCLAIMER: No...
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Part #DM21162

Price: $479.95

78-87 Tailgate Cables (pair)

1978-1987 El Camino reproduction tailgate cables (pair).
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DM20221   REPRODM20221   REPROspace

Part #DM20221 REPRO

Price: $16.95

73-87 Tailgate Cable Spring Tensioners (pair)

1973-1987 El Camino reproduction tailgate cable spring tensioners (pair).
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Part #DM20321

Price: $4.00

78-87 Rear Lower Tailgate Seal

1978-1987 El Camino rear lower tailgate seal.
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Part #DM60040

Price: $18.95

78-87 Rear Side Tailgate Seals (pair)

1978-1987 El Camino rear side tailgate seals (pair).
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Part #DM60041

Price: $25.95

78-87 Tailgate Rubber Plug

1978-1987 El Camino tailgate rubber plug. These square rubber plugs fill the acc...
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Part #DM60042

Price: $6.50

78-87 Tailgate Seal Kit (7pcs)

1978-1987 El Camino tailgate seal kit. Kit includes: Lower tailgate seal, 2) sid...
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Part #DM60340

Price: $69.95

78-87 Bed Rail Tie Down Gaskets (set of 6)

78-87 El Camino reproduction gaskets that fit behind the optional factory bed ra...
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Part #DM20199

Price: $17.95

78-87 Tailgate Handle Rod Clip Set (pair)

1978-1987 Tailgate rod clip set (pair). These connect the tailgate rods to the h...
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Part #DM20323

Price: $2.95