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78-87 El Camino Parts
Stripes & Decals

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Slide-On Decal Application Gel

Nothing guarantees a perfect application of a stripe or graphic but slide-on. As...
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Part #DM70019

Price: $17.95

78-82 SS Complete Kit

1978-1982 SS El Camino complete kit (3 shades blue). Image is for font reference...
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DM70109   3BLUEDM70109   3BLUEspace

Part #DM70109 3BLUE

Price: $212.95

78-82 SS El Camino Door & Tailgate Decals

1978-1982 SS El Camino door & tailgate decals (3 shades blue). Image is for font...
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DM70110   3BLUEDM70110   3BLUEspace

Part #DM70110 3BLUE

Price: $119.00

78-82 SS El Camino Stripes

1978-1982 SS El Camino stripes (3 shades blue).
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DM70112   3BLUEDM70112   3BLUEspace

Part #DM70112 3BLUE

Price: $109.00

83 Silver/Red/Charcoal SS Stripes, Door, & Tailgate Decals

1983 El Camino SS silver/red/charcoal complete stripes, door & tailgate decal ki...
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DM70131   KITDM70131   KITspace

Part #DM70131 KIT

Price: $212.95

78 Black Knight Complete Gold Kit

1978 El Camino Black Knight complete gold kit.
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Part #DM70113

Price: $319.00

78 Black Knight Gold Hood Dragon

1978 El Camino Black Knight gold hood dragon. Image is for font reference only a...
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Part #DM70114

Price: $299.00

78 Black Knight 3 Gold Decals (names only)

1978 El Camino Black Knight 3 gold decals (names only). Image is for font refere...
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Part #DM70115

Price: $109.00

78 Black Knight Gold Stripes

1978 El Camino Black Knight gold stripes. Image is for font reference only and d...
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Part #DM70116

Price: $79.00

79-83 Royal Knight Complete Kit

1979-1983 El Camino Royal Knight complete kit (3 shades of blue). Image is for f...
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DM70125   3BLUEDM70125   3BLUEspace

Part #DM70125 3BLUE

Price: $319.00

79-83 Royal Knight Hood Dragon

1979-1983 El Camino Royal Knight hood dragon (3 shades of blue). Image is for fo...
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DM70126   3BLUEDM70126   3BLUEspace

Part #DM70126 3BLUE

Price: $299.00

79-83 3 Royal Knight Decals (names only)

1979-1983 El Camino 3 Royal Knight decals (names only, 3 shades of blue). Image...
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DM70127   3BLUEDM70127   3BLUEspace

Part #DM70127 3BLUE

Price: $109.00

79-83 Royal Knight Stripes

1979-1983 El Camino Royal Knight stripes (3 shades of blue). Image is for font r...
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DM70128   3BLUEDM70128   3BLUEspace

Part #DM70128 3BLUE

Price: $79.00

84-87 Choo Choo Customs Complete Stripe & Decal Kit

1984-1987 El Camino SS CHOO CHOO Customs complete black stripe & decal kit.
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DM70130   BLACKDM70130   BLACKspace

Part #DM70130 BLACK

Price: $109.00

78-79 Charcoal/Red "Conquista" Tailgate Name

1978-1979 El Camino charcoal/red "Conquista" tailgate name.
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Part #DM70138

Price: $39.00

78-81 Black/Flame "Conquista" Tailgate Name

1978-1981 El Camino black/flame "Conquista" tailgate name.
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Part #DM70135

Price: $39.00

78-84 "Conquista" Tailgate Name

1978-1984 El Camino blue/lime "Conquista" tailgate name.
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DM70137   BLUELIMEDM70137   BLUELIMEspace

Part #DM70137 BLUELIME

Price: $39.00

78-87 "Conquista" Tailgate Name

1978-1987 El Camino black "Conquista" tailgate name.
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DM70133   BLACKDM70133   BLACKspace

Part #DM70133 BLACK

Price: $39.00

80-82 Medium/Dark Blue "Conquista" Tailgate Name

1980-1982 El Camino medium/dark blue "Conquista" tailgate name.
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Part #DM70139

Price: $39.00

83-84 "Conquista" Tailgate Name

1983-1984 El Camino "Conquista" red/charcoal tailgate name.
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DM70141   CHARCREDDM70141   CHARCREDspace

Part #DM70141 CHARCRED

Price: $39.00

85-87 "Conquista" Tailgate Name

1985-1987 El Camino black/red "Conquista" tailgate name.
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DM70144   BLACKREDDM70144   BLACKREDspace

Part #DM70144 BLACKRED

Price: $39.00

1978 Emissions Decal

1978 3.3L V6 emissions decal. The part number on the corner of the decal is 4728...
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DM70022   472881DM70022   472881space

Part #DM70022 472881

Price: $9.00

1979 305 Emissions Decal

1979 305 emissions decal. The part number on the corner of your original decal i...
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DM70036   14006778DM70036   14006778space

Part #DM70036 14006778

Price: $9.00

1980 5.0 Emissions Decal (pt. no. 14021865 AT)

1980 5.0 emissions decal (pt. no. 14021865 AT).
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Part #DM70028

Price: $9.00

1980 5.7 Emissions Decal (pt. no. 14020626 AT)

1980 5.7 emissions decal (pt. no. 14020626 AT).
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Part #DM70038

Price: $9.00