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Tech Tips

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Transmission Identification

Knowing which transmission you have in your vehicle is extremely important when you need to replace filters, speedo cables, speedo gears, transmission mounts, etc. The Monte Carlo used the 3spd non-overdrive TH350 up until 1984 and then switched to the 4spd overdrive TH200-4R from 1985-1988. Some cross-over may be found between 83-84.
The photo and key below shows the GM transmission pans and the transmissions that they fit.

a) Aluminum Powerglide - 14 bolts
b) TH200 Metric - 11 bolts
c) TH350 - 13 bolts
d) TH400 - 13 bolts
e) TH200-4R - 16 bolts
f) TH700-R4, 4L60, 4L60E - 16 bolts
g) 4L80E - 17 bolts
Tech Tip Image 194.jpg