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78-88 Monte Carlo Parts
Steering Components

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78-79 New Power Steering Gear Box

Brand new 1978-1979 Monte Carlo, El Camino, & Malibu quick ratio power steering...
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DM90530   QUICKDM90530   QUICKspace

Part #DM90530 QUICK

Price: $609.95

80-88 Rebuilt Power Steering Gear Box

1980-1988 Monte Carlo, El Camino, & Malibu rebuilt power steering stock gear box...
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Part #DM90430

Price: $129.95

80-88 New Power Steering Quick Ratio Gear Box

Brand New 1983-1988 Monte Carlo SS (can also be used on 1980-1988 Malibu, El Cam...
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Part #DM90030

Price: $559.95

80-88 Front Tie Rod End

1980-1988 driver's side front tie rod end, attaches to steering knuckle (outer)....
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DM94003   OUTERDM94003   OUTERspace

Part #DM94003 OUTER

Price: $19.95

78-88 Front End Tie Rod End Sleeve (adjuster)

1978-1988 front end tie rod end sleeve (2 required per car).
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Part #DM94005

Price: $9.95

78-88 Idler Arm

1978-1988 front idler arm.
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Part #DM94002

Price: $22.95

78-88 Pitman Arm

1978-1988 new replacment cast iron pitman arm. Made to fit the 1-1/8" spline on...
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DM90130   1-1/8DM90130   1-1/8space

Part #DM90130 1-1/8

Price: $59.95

78-88 UMI Heavy Duty Bump Steer Kit

UMI's G-body bump steer kit is designed to reduce or eliminate toe change during...
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Part #DM91929

Price: $219.95