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68-72 El Camino Parts
All Years & Models

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68-72 El Camino Door Weatherstrip Set (pair)

1968-1972 El Camino reproduction door weatherstrip set (pair).
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Part #DA60005

Price: $76.95

68-88 Black Super Weatherstrip Adhesive

1968-1988 Chevelle, Monte Carlo, Malibu, & El Camino black super weatherstrip ad...
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Part #DM60160

Price: $11.95

68-72 El Camino Rear Body to Bumper Seal

1968-1972 El Camino reproduction rear body to bumper seal.
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Part #DA60050

Price: $17.95

68-72 El Camino Window Channel Felt (pair)

1968-1972 El Camino reproduction door glass run channel set (window channel felt...
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Part #DA60054

Price: $52.95

1969 El Camino & Chevelle Inner Taillight to Body Seals

1969 El Camino & Chevelle reproduction inner taillight housings to body seal set...
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Part #DA60058

Price: $40.95

68-72 El Camino Vent Weatherstrips

68-72 El Camino reproduction vent window weatherstrips (set).
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Part #DA60061

Price: $107.95

1970 El Camino & Chevelle Taillight Lens Gaskets

1970 El Camino & Chevelle reproduction taillight lens gaskets (pair).
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Part #DA60066

Price: $3.95

1969 Taillight Bezel Seals

1969 El Camino & Chevelle reproduction taillight bezel to housing seals (pair).
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Part #DA60067

Price: $7.95

68-69 Door Mirror Gasket

1968-1969 Chevelle & El Camino outside door mirror gasket. Also fits: 61-65...
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Part #DA30047

Price: $7.95

1971-1972 El Camino Park Lamp Gaskets (pair)

1971-1972 El Camino reproduction parking lamp gaskets (pair).
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Part #DA60069

Price: $4.95

68-69 El Camino/Chevelle Taillight Housing Seals

1968-1969 El Camino & Chevelle reproduction taillight housing to body seals (pai...
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Part #DA60073

Price: $7.95

68-72 Replacement Window Felt Kit

1968-1972 El Camino replacement authentic window felt kit. These are just like t...
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DA60024   FULLDA60024   FULLspace

Part #DA60024 FULL

Price: $99.95

66-72 Door Mirror Install Kit

1966-72 Chevelle, El Camino, and Monte Carlo outside door mirror gasket only....
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DA30045   GASKETDA30045   GASKETspace

Part #DA30045 GASKET

Price: $6.95