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68-72 El Camino Parts
Tailgate & Bed Components

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68 Steel Tailgate (without backup lights)

This reproduction 1968 El Camino steel tailgate does not have holes for backup l...
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Part #DA21160

Price: $379.95

68 Steel Tailgate Skin (without backup lights)

This reproduction 1968 El Camino steel tailgate skin does not have holes for bac...
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Part #DA21162

Price: $141.95

69-72 Steel Tailgate (w/ backup lights)

1969-1972 El Camino reproduction steel tailgate with backup light holes.
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DA21163   COMPLETEDA21163   COMPLETEspace

Part #DA21163 COMPLETE

Price: $379.95

68-72 Bed Floor Complete w/ Under Supports

1968-1972 El Camino complete bed panel (does not included front lift panel).
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Part #DA20007

Price: $829.95

68-72 Rear Window Shelf Panel

1968-1972 El Camino rear window shelf panel.
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Part #DA20010

Price: $112.95

68-72 Front Bed Lift Panel

1968-1972 El Camino front bed floor lift panel.
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Part #DA20008

Price: $129.95

68-72 Panel Below Rear Window

1968-1972 El Camino panel below rear window.
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Part #DA20009

Price: $241.50

68-72 Tailgate Inner Panel Set (9pcs)

1968-1972 El Camino tailgate inner panel set (9pcs).
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Part #DA21164

Price: $99.95

68-72 Spare Tire Panel Under Rear Window

1968-1972 El Camino spare tire panel under rear window.
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Part #DA20011

Price: $134.50

68-72 Tailgate Rim Molding Clip Kit

1968-1972 El Camino molding clip kit for the tailgate rim molding.
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Part #DA20105

Price: $12.50

68-69 Trunk Lock Retainer Seal

1968-1969 Chevelle, Monte Carlo & El Camino trunk lock retainer seal.
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Part #DA30048

Price: $3.95

68-72 Tailgate Latch Set

1968-1972 El Camino tailgate latch set.
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Part #DA20012

Price: $84.50

68-72 Tailgate Handle

1968-1972 El Camino tailgate handle with washer.
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Part #DA20013

Price: $11.95

68-77 Tailgate Cable Assembly (pair)

1968-1977 El Camino tailgate cable assembly with hardware (pair).
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Part #DA21165

Price: $34.95

68-77 Tailgate Cables (pair)

1968-1977 El Camino tailgate cables (pair).
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Part #DA21167

Price: $17.95

68-72 Tailgate Hinge Rebuild Kit

This 1968-1972 El Camino tailgate hinge rebuild kit rebuilds both hinges. Pins h...
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Part #DA21166

Price: $19.95

68-72 Rubber Bed Protector Mat

This 1968-1972 El Camino rubber bed protector mat is made out of very thick EPDM...
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Part #DA92024

Price: $157.95

68-72 Bed Rear Roll Pan

1968-1972 El Camino rear roll pan.
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Part #DA21150

Price: $335.95

68-72 Bed to Quarter Filler Panel

1968-1972 El Camino filler panel between the bed and the quarter panel (driver's...
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DA21155   LHDA21155   LHspace

Part #DA21155 LH

Price: $169.95

68-69 Rear Outer Bed Corner Molding (pair)

1968-1969 El Camino rear lower corner bed moldings (pair, with clips). These are...
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DA20107   LOWERDA20107   LOWERspace

Part #DA20107 LOWER

Price: $18.50

68-69 Middle Tailgate Molding

1968-1969 El Camino tailgate molding (w/ clips). This piece lines up with the bo...
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DA20109   LOWERDA20109   LOWERspace

Part #DA20109 LOWER

Price: $32.95

68-72 Tail Lamp Mounting Panel

1968-1972 El Camino LH (driver's side) rear bed corner panel where the tail lamp...
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DA21157   LHDA21157   LHspace

Part #DA21157 LH

Price: $94.95

64-77 Full Length Floor Bed Panel

1964-1977 El Camino driver's side full length floor bed panel. Generic corrugate...
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DB20275   LHDB20275   LHspace

Part #DB20275 LH

Price: $179.95