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68-72 El Camino Parts
Fenders & Components

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68 Fender

1968 Chevelle & El Camino LH reproduction fender. (SHEET METAL DISCLAIMER: No tw...
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DA10122   LHDA10122   LHspace

Part #DA10122 LH

Price: $359.95

69 Fender

1969 Chevelle & El Camino driver's side fender reproduction. (SHEET METAL DISCLA...
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DA10124   LHDA10124   LHspace

Part #DA10124 LH

Price: $369.95

70 Wagon & El Camino Fender

1970 Chevelle Wagon & El Camino driver's side fender. (SHEET METAL DISCLAIMER: N...
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DA10130   LHDA10130   LHspace

Part #DA10130 LH

Price: $312.95

71-72 Wagon, El Camino, & Sprint Fender

1971-1972 Chevelle Wagon, El Camino, & Sprint driver's side fender. (SHEET METAL...
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DA10132   LHDA10132   LHspace

Part #DA10132 LH

Price: $413.95

70 Wagon & El Camino Front Fender Extension

1970 Chevelle Wagon & El Camino driver's side front fender extension.
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DA10232   LHDA10232   LHspace

Part #DA10232 LH

Price: $59.95

68-72 Front Fender Brace

1968-1972 Chevelle & El Camino front fender brace (2 required per car).
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Part #DA10142

Price: $5.95

70 Upper Radiator Plate Or Front Fender Tie Bar

1970 Chevelle & El Camino upper radiator plate or front fender tie bar.
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Part #DA10135

Price: $39.00

68-72 Steel Ft Inner Fender

1968-1972 Chevelle, Malibu, El Camino driver's side steel front inner fender.
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DA10213   LHDA10213   LHspace

Part #DA10213 LH

Price: $119.95

68-72 Plastic Ft Inner Fender

1968-1972 Chevelle, Malibu, El Camino driver's side plastic front inner fender.
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DA10215   LHDA10215   LHspace

Part #DA10215 LH

Price: $85.95

68-88 Inner Fender Washers (4)

These large washers for 68-88 models are used under each inner fender mounting b...
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Part #DM10338

Price: $2.95

68-72 A-Arm/ Inner Fender Seals (pair)

1968-1972 Chevelle, Malibu, El Camino front inner fender/ A-arm seals w/ staples...
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DA60075   METALDA60075   METALspace

Part #DA60075 METAL

Price: $16.95

67-72 Antenna Mast

1967-1969 Chevelle & Malibu, and 1967-1972 El Camino whip-style antenna (mast on...
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Part #DA90022

Price: $14.95

68-72 Outer Cowl Panel

1968-1972 Driver's side outer cowl panel.
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DA10235   LHDA10235   LHspace

Part #DA10235 LH

Price: $54.95