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68-72 El Camino Parts

68-69 Rear Outer Bed Corner Molding (pair)

1968-1969 El Camino rear lower corner bed moldings (pair, with clips). These are...
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DA20107   LOWERDA20107   LOWERspace

Part #DA20107 LOWER

Price: $18.50

68-69 Middle Tailgate Molding

1968-1969 El Camino tailgate molding (w/ clips). This piece lines up with the bo...
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DA20109   LOWERDA20109   LOWERspace

Part #DA20109 LOWER

Price: $32.95

68-72 Bed Side Rail Molding

1968-1972 El Camino bed side rail molding, left or right. 2 required per car.
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Part #DA20200

Price: $34.95

68-72 Tailgate Edge (top) Molding

1968-1972 El Camino tailgate rim molding.
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Part #DA20100

Price: $44.95

68-72 Bed Front Molding

1968-1972 El Camino front bed molding.
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Part #DA20205

Price: $24.95

68-72 Bed Front Corner Molding(s)

1968-1972 El Camino driver's side front corner bed molding.
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DA20203   LHDA20203   LHspace

Part #DA20203 LH

Price: $55.95

68-72 Bed Rear Corner Molding(s)

1968-1972 El Camino driver's side rear corner bed molding.
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DA20209   LHDA20209   LHspace

Part #DA20209 LH

Price: $47.95

68-72 Rear Bed Extension Moldings (pair)

1968-1972 El Camino rear bed extension moldings (pair). These are the short piec...
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Part #DA20208

Price: $29.95