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78-83 Chevelle/Malibu Parts

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82-88 Front Upper Control Arm

This stock replacement 1982-1988 reproduction driver's side front upper control...
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DM94122   LHDM94122   LHspace

Part #DM94122 LH

Price: $99.95

78-88 Front End Ball Joint

1978-1988 front end lower ball joint (2 required per car).
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DM94001   LOWERDM94001   LOWERspace

Part #DM94001 LOWER

Price: $12.95

78-88 Front Upper Control Arm Bushing Set

1978-1988 front end upper control arm bushings. 2 included per kit (2 kits requi...
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Part #DM94006

Price: $14.95

78-88 Front Lower Control Arm Bushing Set

1978-1988 front end lower control arm bushings. Kit does 1 control arm, 2 kits r...
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Part #DM94007

Price: $23.99

78-88 Front Center Link

1978-1988 front center link.
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Part #DM94009

Price: $53.00

78-88 Idler Arm

1978-1988 front idler arm.
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Part #DM94002

Price: $22.95

78-88 Front Upper Control Arm Cross Shaft Kit

This 1978-1988 front upper control arm cross shaft kit includes nuts and upper c...
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Part #DM94115

Price: $59.95

78-88 Front Sway Bar Bushings (pair)

1978-1988 front sway bar bushings for standard suspension (sold as a pair - 1 re...
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DM94013   STANDARDDM94013   STANDARDspace

Part #DM94013 STANDARD

Price: $14.95

78-88 Front Sway Bar End Link (1)

1978-1988 front sway bar end link (2 required per car).
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Part #DM94011

Price: $7.00

78-88 Performance Rubber Front Control Arm Bushing Kit

1978-1988 Monte Carlo, Malibu & El Camino high performance rubber front control...
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DM91855   COMPLETEDM91855   COMPLETEspace

Part #DM91855 COMPLETE

Price: $104.95

78-88 UMI A-Arm Mounting Hardware Kit

Don't reuse old rusty bolts when installing aftermarket control arms when you ca...
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DM91860   UPRLWRDM91860   UPRLWRspace

Part #DM91860 UPRLWR

Price: $27.95

78-88 UMI A-Arm Kit (upper & lower)

Improve the street and track performance of your G-body and achieve that precise...
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DM91862   REDSTDDM91862   REDSTDspace

Part #DM91862 REDSTD

Price: $1379.95

78-88 UMI Lower A-Arms (pair)

Tubular lower control arms (pair) by UMI feature improved ball joint angle for l...
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DM91864   REDSTDDM91864   REDSTDspace

Part #DM91864 REDSTD

Price: $779.95

78-88 UMI Upper A-Arms (pair)

Tubular upper control arms (pair) by UMI. The relocated ball joint plate on thes...
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DM91868   REDSTDDM91868   REDSTDspace

Part #DM91868 REDSTD

Price: $599.95

78-88 UMI Adjustable Upper A-Arms (pair)

Adjustable tubular upper control arms (pair) by UMI are designed to excel in all...
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DM91866   REDSTDDM91866   REDSTDspace

Part #DM91866 REDSTD

Price: $629.95