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78-83 Chevelle/Malibu Parts
All Years & Models

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78-84 Automatic 350 Turbo Floor Shifter Cable Assembly

1978-1984 Monte Carlo, Malibu & El Camino reproduction automatic floor shifter c...
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DM00212   REPRODM00212   REPROspace

Part #DM00212 REPRO

Price: $24.95

78-88 Heavy Duty Double-Adjustable Floor Shift Cable

1978-1988 Monte Carlo, Malibu & El Camino heavy duty, double-adjustable automati...
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DM00219   2004RDM00219   2004Rspace

Part #DM00219 2004R

Price: $119.95

82-88 Shift Cable Mounting Pin

1982-1988 Monte Carlo, El Camino & Malibu shift cable mounting pin. This pin is...
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Part #DM00198

Price: $13.95

82-88 Shift Cable Cotter Pin

1982-1988 Monte Carlo, El Camino & Malibu shift cable cotter pin. This pin attac...
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Part #DM00106

Price: $3.95

78-84 TH-350 Auto Floor Shift Cable Transmission Bracket

1978-1984 Monte Carlo, Malibu, & El Camino transmission bracket for TH-350 3spd...
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Part #DM00414

Price: $5.95

78-88 Turbo Hydramatic Speedometer Cable

1978-1988 Turbo Hydramatic 350/400/700R4 speedometer cable to be used with Autom...
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Price: $145.95

78-88 Speedometer Cable

Speedometer cable for 1978-1983 models without cruise control and all 1984-1988...
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Part #DM90001

Price: $19.95

78-83 2pc OEM Speedometer Cable (w/ cruise control)

1978-1983 2pc OEM speedometer cable with cruise control. Includes both the upper...
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Part #DM90003

Price: $159.95

78-88 OE Steel Front Park Brake Cable

1978-1988 Monte Carlo and Malibu (2dr) OE steel front park brake cable for cars...
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DM93015   7888MTDM93015   7888MTspace

Part #DM93015 7888MT

Price: $50.00

78-87 Front Park Brake Cable

1978-1980 El Camino and Malibu (wagon) OE steel front park brake cable (54.75" l...
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DM93017   7880DM93017   7880space

Part #DM93017 7880

Price: $60.00

78-88 OE Steel Rear Park Brake Cable

1978-1988 driver's side rear park brake cable (OE steel). This part is shipped...
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DM93021   LHDM93021   LHspace

Part #DM93021 LH

Price: $55.00

78-88 Speedometer Cable Grommet

78-88 speedometer cable grommet.
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Part #DM90103

Price: $10.95

68-88 Speedometer Cable Retaining Clip

1968-1988 speedometer cable retaining clip
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Part #DM90014

Price: $6.95

78-88 Glove Box Cable

1978-1988 Monte Carlo, Malibu, & El Camino reproduction glove box cable.
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DM00145   REPRODM00145   REPROspace

Part #DM00145 REPRO

Price: $12.95

78-88 Heater Control Cable

1978-1988 Monte Carlo, El Camino & Malibu reproduction HVAC control blend cable....
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Part #DM00062

Price: $39.95