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78-83 Chevelle/Malibu Parts
Carpet & Mats

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78-88 Floor Mat Set

1980-1988 Monte Carlo & 1981-1983 Malibu (2/4dr) black cut pile floor mat set of...
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DM01174   BLACKDM01174   BLACKspace

Part #DM01174 BLACK

Price: $98.95

78-83 Floor Mat Set (w/ "Malibu" script logo)

1978-1983 Malibu (2/4dr) black floor mat set of 4 with "Malibu" script logo (ple...
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DM05176   BLACKDM05176   BLACKspace

Part #DM05176 BLACK

Price: $133.95

78-83 Floor Mat Set (w/ "Malibu Classic" script logo)

1980-1983 Malibu (2/4dr) dark blue floor mat set of 4 with "Malibu Classic" scri...
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DM06176   DARKBLUEDM06176   DARKBLUEspace

Part #DM06176 DARKBLUE

Price: $140.95

78-88 Carpet & Floor Mat Set

1978-1988 Monte Carlo & Malibu (2/4dr) black carpet & floor mat set. Each set o...
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DM01175   BLACKDM01175   BLACKspace

Part #DM01175 BLACK

Price: $279.95

78-88 Full Floor Carpet (w/ glued padding)

1978-1988 Monte Carlo & Malibu (2/4dr) black full floor preformed carpet with he...
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DM01130   BLACKDM01130   BLACKspace

Part #DM01130 BLACK

Price: $181.95

78-88 Full Floor Carpet (w/ rubber mass backing)

1978-1988 Monte Carlo & Malibu (2/4dr) black full floor preformed carpet with he...
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DM01173   BLACKDM01173   BLACKspace

Part #DM01173 BLACK

Price: $257.95

68-88 Carpet Padding

1968-1988 Monte Carlo, El Camino, Malibu, & Chevelle 2/4dr carpet padding (insul...
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Part #DM01999

Price: $29.95

78-88 Rear Speaker Shelf Carpet

1978-1988 Monte Carlo & Malibu (2/4dr) black rear speaker shelf carpet (requires...
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DM08176   BLACKDM08176   BLACKspace

Part #DM08176 BLACK

Price: $19.99

78-88 Front & Rear Passenger Area Sound Deadener

1978-1988 Monte Carlo, Malibu, & El Camino front and rear passenger compartment...
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Part #DM02333

Price: $39.95

78-88 Black Trunk Mat

1978-1984 Monte Carlo & Malibu black factory style trunk mat with padding (corre...
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DM01498   PADDM01498   PADspace

Part #DM01498 PAD

Price: $54.95

78-88 Lower Door Panel Carpets (pair)

1978-1979 Monte Carlo, Malibu (2/4dr), and El Camino medium light blue lower doo...
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Price: $39.95