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78-83 Chevelle/Malibu Parts
New Products

78-88 Reproduction Factory Gauge Shadow Box

1978-1988 Monte Carlo, Malibu, and El Camino reprodiuction shadow box. This is a...
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Part #DM01429

Price: $29.95

78-88 Custom Polished Aluminum Gauge Bezel Set

1978-1988 Monte Carlo, Malibu, and El Camino polished gauge bezels (set of 6). T...
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Part #DM01427

Price: $44.95

78-88 Champion Aluminum Radiator

If your new bigger, badder engine is causing some strain on your cooling system,...
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DM10067   3 ROWDM10067   3 ROWspace

Part #DM10067 3 ROW

Price: $239.95

78-88 Champion Aluminum Radiator w/ Fan Kit

If your new bigger, badder engine is causing some strain on your cooling system,...
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DM10068   3 ROWDM10068   3 ROWspace

Part #DM10068 3 ROW

Price: $574.95

86-88 Style Passenger Side Dash Bezel w/o AC

1986-1988 Monte Carlo & El Camino dash bezel w/o AC (black with gold stripes). T...
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Price: $152.95

86-88 Style Passenger Side Dash Bezel w/ AC

1986-1988 Monte Carlo & El Camino dash bezel w/ AC (black with gold stripes). Th...
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Price: $188.95

78-88 LH Trunk Floor

1978-1988 Left side trunk floor. This is the lower flat portion of the trunk nex...
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Part #DM20241

Price: $273.95

78-88 RH Trunk Spare Tire Well

1978-1988 right side trunk spare tire well. This metal panel fits to the right o...
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Part #DM20242

Price: $90.95

78-88 Floor & Trunk Pan Drain Plug (large)

1978-1988 Monte Carlo, Malibu, & El Camino body plug, galvanized steel. Fits in...
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Part #DM02337

Price: $4.99

78-88 Trunk Extension w/ Body Mount Brace

1978-1988 trunk extension w/ the body mount brace. This metal panel and brace is...
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DM20240   LHDM20240   LHspace

Part #DM20240 LH

Price: $81.95

78-88 Trunk Weatherstrip Gutter

1978-1988 trunk weatherstrip gutter/channel. This reproduction panel fits to the...
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DM20244   LHDM20244   LHspace

Part #DM20244 LH

Price: $49.95

78-87 Front License Plate Bracket

1978-1987 El Camino and Malibu aftermarket front license plate bracket. This uni...
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Part #DM10076

Price: $89.95

78-88 Rear Seat Frame Brace Kit

Stiffen your suspension, increase handling and reduce the risk of b-pillar crack...
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Part #DM91890

Price: $89.95

80-88 Power Seat Coupling (shear pin)

1980-1988 Monte Carlo, El Camino, & Malibu reproduction power seat coupling. Thi...
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Part #DM00175

Price: $28.50

78-88 Quarter Floor Pan Section

This 1978-1988 Monte Carlo, El Camino, & Malibu (2/4dr) driver's side front floo...
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DM02343   LHFTDM02343   LHFTspace

Part #DM02343 LHFT

Price: $84.95

68-88 Headlight Switch Retaining Nut

1968-1988 Monte Carlo, El Camino, & Malibu headlight switch retianing nut.
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Part #DM00445

Price: $7.95

69-88 Turn Signal Cancel Cam

1969-1988 replacement turn signal cancel cam for cars equipped with a tilt steer...
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DM00131   TILTDM00131   TILTspace

Part #DM00131 TILT

Price: $9.50

78-88 UMI Front Frame Reinforcement Brace

The UMI Performance, Inc. reinforcing front frame brace is used to stiffen the f...
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DM91893   REDDM91893   REDspace

Part #DM91893 RED

Price: $249.99

78-88 UMI Rear Shock Tower Brace

The UMI Performance, Inc. bolt-in brace ties the rear upper shock mounts togethe...
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DM91895   BLACKDM91895   BLACKspace

Part #DM91895 BLACK

Price: $129.95

82-88 UMI NHRA Legal Drive Shaft Safety Loop

The UMI Performance, Inc. NHRA legal drive shaft safety loop is a bolt-in applic...
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DM91897   BLACKDM91897   BLACKspace

Part #DM91897 BLACK

Price: $79.95

78-88 UMI A-Arm Mounting Hardware Kit

Don't reuse old rusty bolts when installing aftermarket control arms when you ca...
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DM91860   UPRLWRDM91860   UPRLWRspace

Part #DM91860 UPRLWR

Price: $24.99

78-88 UMI A-Arm Kit (upper & lower)

Improve the street and track performance of your G-body and achieve that precise...
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DM91862   REDSTDDM91862   REDSTDspace

Part #DM91862 REDSTD

Price: $1219.99

78-88 UMI Lower A-Arms (pair)

Tubular lower control arms (pair) by UMI feature improved ball joint angle for l...
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DM91864   REDSTDDM91864   REDSTDspace

Part #DM91864 REDSTD

Price: $699.99

78-88 UMI Upper A-Arms (pair)

Tubular upper control arms (pair) by UMI. The relocated ball joint plate on thes...
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DM91868   REDSTDDM91868   REDSTDspace

Part #DM91868 REDSTD

Price: $519.99

78-88 UMI Adjustable Upper A-Arms (pair)

Adjustable tubular upper control arms (pair) by UMI are designed to excel in all...
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DM91866   REDSTDDM91866   REDSTDspace

Part #DM91866 REDSTD

Price: $519.99