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68-72 Chevelle/Malibu Parts
Brake Lines, Hoses & Hydraulics

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Chevelle/El Camino/Monte Brake Distribution Block

70-72 Chevelle & El Camino w/ drum brakes 1970 Chevelle, El Camino & Monte Car...
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DA93020   6869DA93020   6869space

Part #DA93020 6869

Price: $74.95

Chevelle/El Camino/Monte Brake Hold-Off Valve

67-68 Chevelle & El Camino w/ factory disc brakes This is the golf ball size v...
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DA93021   1968DA93021   1968space

Part #DA93021 1968

Price: $79.95

1970 Rear Brake Hold-Off Valve (for cars w/ factory disc)

1970 Chevelle, El Camino & Monte Carlo w/ factory disc brakes This valve was u...
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Part #DA93022

Price: $44.95

68-70 Proportioning Valve-for converting front drum to disc

68-70 Chevelle & El Camino - for use when converting front drum brakes to disc....
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Part #DA93023

Price: $91.00

71-72 Chevelle & El Camino Brake Proportioning Valve

71-72 Chevelle & El Camino proportioning valve. This valve mounts on the frame b...
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Part #DA93024

Price: $91.00

68-88 Disc/Disc Conversion Proportioning Valve

This 5 port valve works great on factory cars that have been converted to rear d...
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Part #DA93026

Price: $79.95

68-72 Chevelle Proportioning Valve Bracket (for disc conv.)

This bracket is designed to hold the proportional valve off the passenger side...
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Part #DA93027

Price: $12.95