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68-72 Chevelle/Malibu Parts
All Years & Models

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Battery Insulation Kit

DEI's cell Saver is the Ideal protection for any automotive battery. Batteries a...
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Part #DM88480

Price: $24.95

3/8" Impact Tool Set

Perfect for removing rusted or frozen nuts, bolts and screws. Excellent tool for...
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Part #DM88200

Price: $39.95

Ball Joint Service Tool

Removes and installs press-fit parts such as ball joints, universal joints, and...
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Part #DM88249

Price: $179.95

Mityvac One Man Brake Bleeder

One of the handiest tools for any "back yard mechanic". This tool will allow yo...
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Part #DM88825

Price: $44.95

Coil Spring Compressor

This spring compressor clamps to each side of the coil spring and compresses it...
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Part #DM88555

Price: $49.95

Ball Joint Separator

Separate the upper or lower ball joint from the steering knuckle quickly and eas...
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Part #DM88206

Price: $10.95

Tie Rod Separator

Separate the outer tie rod ends from the steering knuckle quickly and easily wit...
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Part #DM88204

Price: $10.95

Tire Pressure Gauge

This 60 PSI gauge retains the last measurement until the pressure is released. P...
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Part #DM88343

Price: $19.95

AN Wrench Set

These aluminum AN wrenches are perfect for tightening down those soft aluminum A...
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Part #DM88675

Price: $64.95

GM Terminal Tool

This tool is small enough to keep in the car and can be very handy should your c...
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Part #DM88490

Price: $15.95

Steering Wheel Puller

Tool used to remove the steering wheel from the steering column.
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Part #DM88507

Price: $12.95

Hand Bearing Packer

Pack your wheel bearings quicker and cleaner! Flushes out old grease as new gre...
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Part #DM88775

Price: $29.95

11pc Fastener & Molding Removal Tool Set

11 Piece Fastener & Molding Removal Tool Set is intended for use on internal and...
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Part #DM88524

Price: $27.95