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Submission Rules

2018 Dixie Restoration Depot Calendar Submission Rules

We are now accepting your photographic entries for our 2018 calendar. Be sure to review the submission rules below.

Here’s an explanation of the rules:

  • We are only accepting submissions through the mail or electronically through DropBox. All submissions must be accompanied by a signed submission form. Click here to print the submission form. Please call us at 877-243-4943 or 860-645-1917 for DropBox login details if you would like to send us your submissions electronically.
  • We will only accept digital images that are at least 1800 x 1200 pixels. To be eligible for the cover, submit images of at least 2880 x 1920 pixels.
  • We prefer TIFF, PSD, JPG, or BMP images.
  • Do not include any people in your pictures; cars only.
  • You may submit as many cars as you like; however, each car must be accompanied by its own submission form. You can submit multiple images of each car. Only one picture per person will have a chance of making it into the calendar.

All submissions must be received by August, 08 2017.

  We can’t wait to start reviewing your images!


Put that beautiful car in a beautiful location – be cautious of shooting in a location that has distracting elements or is cluttered. Extra items such as rocks, sticks, and/or litter can hurt the picture's chances of being chosen. Do take the time to make sure the car is clean; no grass, tar, dirt or water on the surfaces.

Again, we prefer TIFF, PSD, JPG, or BMP images (JPGs run the risk of clarity/quality problems, especially if you save them more than once.)

  • Take the time to position the car well within the frame; as important as the background is, the car should still be the focus of the image.
  • Watch out for reflections that wash out the image; put the sun behind you, over your shoulder.
  • Use a tripod for sharpness.
  • When taking your pictures, keep in mind that we will blur all license plates so that they cannot be deciphered.
  • Do not crop your image below 1800 x 1200 pixels in size (2880 x 1920 for cover consideration); however, we will accept images larger than the required specs.
  • Do not resize a smaller image to a larger size, as that will render it unusable.
  • Do not use image manipulation programs such as Adobe® Photoshop to enhance your images with type, graphics, effects, or special filters.

Download the submission form here.